Photo Münsingen 2018: What awaits you

Photo Münsingen 2018 is taking shape: the program is set, the brochure is in print, preparations are underway. A first overview of the highlights.

Henna and Arthur Honegger, Oh, Amiland!
A picture of the USA that only locals normally know.

Beat Mumenthaler, CLOSE TO YOUR SOUL
Portraits that give the impression of being able to look deeper into a life.

Lorenz Andreas Fischer, Alps
Melting glaciers, thawing mountain lakes, foggy landscapes or the onset of winter.

Janine Machiedo (D), SURREALITY
Surreal-bizarre worlds in moments that never happened.

Florian Spring, In the nest of the crocodiles
Report from the village of Kandinge in Papua New Guinea.

62 photo clubs from Germany and abroad
Club competition and exhibition on 'Move'.

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Audio-vision, lectures, photo arena
Brazil - From Rio to the Amazon
Multivision with live commentary from Dr. Heiko Beyer (reservation required).

Panel discussion Instagram
Boris Baldinger speaks to Instagram photographers about the new medium.

Photo Arena 2018
Andrist to Zimmermann: 10 exhibitors show their pictures in the circular screen arena.

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