Club competition: The tableaus are judged

This year's club competition was judged on Sunday, April 7th. 53 photo clubs submitted tableaus on the subject of “A Short Story”.

This year, Gabriele Ortner-Rosshoff (Einigen), Roland Steffen (Ormalingen) and Martin Zurmühle (Lucerne) judged the work as jurors. Using a jury grid, they rated the areas of “subject / effect”, “composition” and “technology” with a 20-point system.

Specifically, the judging took place as follows: In a first quick review, all 53 panels were examined to assess the overall level of the work. Then a second, calm review followed. Each juror now gave a score independently for each tableau. This resulted in a ranking list.

Now the jury discussed the first tableaus and determines a definitive ranking of the best six works. For these, she finally records short comments.

The winners will be announced at the opening of Photo Münsingen. All tableaus can then be seen over the ascent weekend from May 30th to June 2nd at Schlossgut Münsingen.


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