"National waste": The ideal way to get back to work

For almost exactly eight weeks we weren't allowed to visit any real (photo) exhibitions, we had to put up with virtual tours - which, by the way, was not all negative, as many exhibitors and gallery owners came up with some original alternatives.

Now it's time to slowly work your way back into the real exhibition world. I have a tip: «Ab­fall na­tio­nal» in the Kornhausforum Bern with photographs by Thun photographer Carolina Piasecki and photographer Peter Keller, who lives in Ticino. The exhibition is a good start again: not too big, enough space without density stress and a topic that affects us all. Every Swiss person leaves around 350 kg of municipal waste behind each year. How this waste is properly disposed of in public space - or not - the two photographers show in 40 pairs of images.

And if you don't feel ready for the real exhibition world, you can do the pictures too watch virtually.

"National waste" in the Kornhausforum Bern, May 15 to July 25, 2020


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