The festival spring is canceled

Not only the Photo Münsingen, but also the Bieler Fototage and the Fotofestival Lenzburg attracted photo enthusiasts from all over Switzerland to their exhibitions this month. Tobias Kühn summarizes in his Online magazine together how the different festivals deal with the current situation.

The Biel Photo Days would have been planned from May 8th to 31st, 2020 under the title «Cracks». "When we planned the 24th edition, which deals with social breaks and challenges, we did not know that the reality of the events would catch up with us and that the theme provided by the festival would become so frighteningly topical," write the organizers.

You have announced the postponement to next year: "In this time full of turmoil and change, we invite you to take your time - we will be back in May 2021."

Photo Festival Lenzburg and Photo Basel in September

The Lenzburg Photo Festival has not been canceled, but has been postponed. Scheduled from May 9th to June 9th, it will now take place from September 12th to October 25th, 2020. "We are currently working on a reorganization of the festival program," reported the organizers at the beginning of April via Facebook.

Photo Basel, originally planned for June, will not take place until September, from September 17th to 20th - at the same time as Art Basel.

Rencontres d'Arles canceled

At the international level, the Rencontres d'Arles have been canceled for 2020. They should have taken place from June 29th to September 20th. During the past two months the organizers have been considering ways to run the festival despite social distancing.

For the first time in its 50-year history, however, they had to cancel the festival: “It is impossible to produce exhibitions and equip the venues. International travel has come to a standstill and public gatherings are prohibited for the foreseeable future, ”they write.


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