A photo tour after the Corona crisis

Hard to imagine at the moment, but there will also be a time after Corona. Rolf Gemperle has on the Pho­to Münsin­gen 2010 Exhibited panoramic photos of the Sahara. He was also head of several photo workshops at Photo Münsingen with a focus on panoramic photography. In the photo trip from 14. to 28. May 2021 he and his local partner offer the large crossing of the Namib Desert in Namibia. Here is an excerpt from the travel description:

Crossing the Namib Desert from Lüderitz to Swakopmund is an adventure in a class of its own. The huge dunes of the coastal and foggy desert reach here as far as the sea and thus form a unique backdrop. An approximately 500-kilometer-long strip along the coast is part of the restricted diamond area and can only be traveled with special permission and as a guided tour.

Images: Rolf Gemperle / Nicolas Genoud


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