Fotoclub Ebikon: Internal competition bridged the lockdown

The Fo­to­club Ebi­kon bridged the encounterless time of Corona with an internal club competition.

The Fo­to­club Ebi­kon usually meets on the first Saturday of the month, discusses photo topics, goes on excursions and exchanges ideas about technology and image processing. Of course, these meetings were canceled during the Corona period.

As a substitute, the photo club determined a weekly topic that the members could work on independently, reports President Marie Anne Vido. “Office material”, “abstract”, “light and shadow” and “structures” are some of the topics. Every Monday evening the club members discussed the pictures via Skype. The photo club maintained club life virtually.

Under the creative works can be viewed. In the Photo gallery further work of the members can be seen.

The Ebikon Photo Club also runs one every year Club competition and takes part in the Photo Münsingen club competition with good rankings.

This is just one example of how the photo clubs got creative over the time of Corona.

Cover picture: Group topic office supplies, © Judy Fang


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