With the Olympus in Cuba

Niklaus Messer, OC member of Photo Münsingen, got to know the advantages of the handy Olympus Pen in Cuba in 2011. During the weeks of lockdown, he remembers the colorful life in Havana. And also get to know new camera functions in the tutorials from Olympus

The Olympus Pen was my first mirrorless camera. In the club I was ridiculed, everyone back then relied on large, heavier SLR cameras with large, heavy lenses. I was proud of the handy retro-look camera with the light but powerful lenses and the angle viewfinder. The camera accompanies me next to an SLR camera on a longer stay in Cuba. I roamed through Havana for hours, almost unnoticed to capture the colorful life of the Habaneros. Viva la vida - viva Cuba! Most of the big camera stayed in the Casa.

In the meantime I have switched to the OM ‑ DE ‑ M5. The handiness and performance have remained. I only miss the angle viewfinder for unnoticed street photography. The scoffers have also disappeared. Many colleagues have long since discovered the advantages of small mirrorless cameras.

Olympus offers various video tutorials and a virtual get-together. Ideas for home shoots are shown in a playful way. And you discover still unknown camera functions. To 'Home with Olympus' ...

And if you fancy a few Cuba snapshots ...


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