«Tatort Feuerstelle» wins the photo competition

The jury decided: the winner of the Fo­to­wett­be­werbs «Le­ben und fo­to­gra­fie­ren in Zei­ten von Co­ro­na» is Christian Reding. His picture «Tat­ort Feu­er­stel­le» convinced the three jurors. Ranks two and three go to Hans U. Alder «The par­ty is over» and Franz Geisser with «Wo bleibt ihr Alle?»

A total of 308 pictures by 136 photographers are in the competition of the Pho­to Mün­sin­gen received. Have two rounds of judging the three jurors Adrian Moser, Jürg Ramseier and Christoph Ruckstuhl rated these pictures. Due to the corona situation, the judging did not take place at a physical meeting.

In the first round in the home office, the jurors rated the images individually. On the basis of an intermediate ranking list, they selected the best 20 pictures together in a second round in a Skype session and determined the ranks 1 to 3.

Diverse picture themes

In their report, the jury was impressed by the variety of topics and picture ideas dealt with: "The spectrum ranged from simple cell phone pictures to technical gadgets and sophisticated picture compositions".

In general, the implemented image ideas in empty, public space were rated more strongly than the implemented image situations from personal surroundings. In many pictures you could feel the photographer's attempt to realize your own interpretation of what it looked like outside during the Corona period and what moods you could experience.

"Bizarre-looking scenery"

Christian Reding's “Tatort Feuerstelle” finally took first place. As luck would have it, Reding is at the Pho­to Mün­sin­gen no stranger: the photographer is on site as Nikon's product manager and course instructor.

Reding writes about his motif: “Due to the current ban on gatherings, meeting points have been closed to the public in many places. So also the official fire pits around the Greifensee (ZH). These bizarre-looking scenes motivated me to pack the camera equipment including the flash units and go on a nightly 'documentary tour'. "

Typical picture for this time

On the one hand, Reding stimulated the technical challenge with the flash units. A way of photographing that he had never tried before in the landscape. On the other hand, the scene is also a typical picture for this time and - hopefully - unique. At the otherwise lively fireplace there was no one far and wide on the evening of the recording, as Reding reports.

The surreal scenery also reminds the photographer of a crime thriller: “The photographs that were created make the fire pits appear like crime scenes. Even if the real perpetrator is tiny, he has accomplished enormous deeds ».

Exhibition at the Pho­to Mün­sin­gen 2021

The second prize goes to Hans U. Alder with “The party is over”, a picture of tourism in the time of Corona. «Wo bleibt ihr Alle?» is the name of the photo from the Sihlpost hall with which Franz Geisser wins the third prize.

Bookfactory.ch photo book vouchers await the three winners. The best twenty pictures will be on the Pho­to Mün­sin­gen 2021 issued and are published on the competition website. All submitted images are still in the Flickr group to see.

To the competition page with the award-winning images ...


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