Urs Hintermann: «Ver-rück­te Zeit»

Urs Hintermann, OC member of Photo Münsingen, experiences the corona pandemic like many of us: First with disbelief, then with a certain curiosity about how the state of emergency changes our everyday life. For a committed photographer, it makes sense to pick up the camera. Thoughts and pictures from the first few weeks of lockdown.

After the outbreak of the corona pandemic, I felt like everyone else: First of all, what you were experiencing was shock and disbelief. Then I suddenly realized that we were probably witnessing an event that would be unique for a generation or two.

At first I became aware of a minor matter: For the first time in decades, you can see a blue sky for a whole day in Münsingen without any contrails in the sky. Then I have one 13-hour timelapse of the sky over Bern made. We will probably never see that again soon. A contemporary document!

The next day, the two-man band “Bearbeat” drove up to the square in our development (Giessenpark) and gave a short concert - of course, keeping the 2-meter distance! The concert was an encouragement for everyone who has to stay at home and of course also a source of income for the musicians who are currently not allowed to give concerts because of the pandemic. An idea that set us all up.

Then I asked myself what else was there that was unique in this crazy time. Closed stores, of course. In the streets of Münsingen, Bern, Thun and Interlaken, I noticed that this is a real photographic treasure trove. There is everything from dry hints like “To” or “See you soon” to world conspiracy theories. Including lots of funny, business-minded, fatalistic, posh and poetic things.

Of course, I also noticed other traces during my walks. For example, how people almost routinely keep their distance from one another. Masks, something that we previously only knew from Asian tourists, are suddenly ubiquitous. And then there are of course the obvious traces in the form of countless arrows, distance lines, etc., which are more or less followed.

There would be a lot more. I will create a Corona notebook for myself that will record this special time. Hopefully soon we'll leaf through it at home and say: "Do you remember back then, in those crazy times ...".


Further works by Urs Hintermann can be found on his website https://urshintermann-photography.ch


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