Caught at home

In the video cycle «Caught at home" shows "Photo video Zumstein", one of Main sponsors the Photo Münsingen, which can be photographed at home in times of Corona. It is demonstrated how amazing effects can be achieved with plants and fruits. If available, flashes or folding reflectors are used. However, these can also be replaced by existing items in the household.

Children are currently at home more often than usual. With a little imagination and a camera, an entertaining time can be spent together. Be it when “painting with light” or when the children are allowed to take photos themselves.

Every modern photo camera is also a film camera. In the so far last episode “Movie Edition” the important points for filming are shown. These are camera settings, use of the light sources, use of the gray filter, generation of movement, use of the necessary material and the editing software. The often expensive components for production can be replaced by everyday aids.

Photo video Zumstein AG, Bern, has also recorded a whole series of crash courses on photography and valuable tips on interesting topics in short videos. They inspire and motivate you to try it yourself:


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