Photo Münsingen 2021 canceled and postponed

The Pho­to Mün­sin­gen from 13-16 May 2021 has to be canceled again due to the pandemic and postponed to the Ascension Day from 26-29 May 2022.

The organization team has been planning the Pho­to Mün­sin­gen 2021. Protection concepts were drawn up on the basis of the specifications and coordinated with the authorities, the program was adjusted with all parties involved and the communication measures were redesigned. The team has waited until the end, hoping that easing a physical one Pho­to Mün­sin­gen would have made possible. Various alternative scenarios were also examined. However, the legal requirements, the situation and development force us to cancel it again and postpone it to 2022.

Last year a team did one Pho­to Mün­sin­gen created virtually and offered a highly regarded competition “Living and taking photos in times of Corona” as well as online training courses and interesting reports on photographic topics.

At Auffahrt, on May 13, 2021, the competition works of the 60 photo clubs on the subject of “Urban” will be posted on the website and the winners of the «Pho­to Mün­sin­gen Award» announced.

The organization team plans to postpone the planned program again and carry it out during the Ascension Days 2022 from May 26th to 29th, 2022. It thanks all contributors, sponsors and partners for their work and encouraging support.

  1. Petit
    Petit sagte:

    Bonjour, m
    merci de m'indiquer où, je pourrais trouver le réglement du concours 2022 et son cahier des charges.
    Danielle Petitat

    • Manfred Schar
      Manfred Schar sagte:

      Bonsoir Mme Petitat
      En ce qui concerne votre demande, quelqu'un vous contactera sous little.
      Bien à vous
      Manfred Schär


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