Photo workshops 2023: Registration from April 11th

Between May 18th and 21st, Photo Münsingen offers plenty of opportunities for further training. We have special workshops on landscape, people and droplet photography that go with the main theme of “water”.

The workshop program also includes topics such as image processing, flashlight, the jury course, an architecture workshop and tips on smartphone photography. Expand your knowledge, try new things! Secure your place online in the photo workshops at Photo Münsingen 11 from Tuesday, April 20, 2023 p.m.!

To the overview of all photo workshops 2023...

The highlights of our workshop leaders

In the courses on drop photography from Hans Schar learn the art of photographing what the human eye cannot see. At Stefan Zurrer It's all about landscape photography by the water. Also Lorenz Andreas Fischer offers, among other things, exciting workshops on landscape photography.

Christoph Ris this year projects water and fire images onto bare skin and teaches course participants more about expressive portraits or sensual photography by the water. "Dancer + Smoke", "Pole Dancer" and "Sandblast" are the names of the workshops on unusual productions Felix Peter.

It's all about the interplay of light and color Miriam Bennouna. The course leader also offers a photo discussion with pictures of the participants. The quality of a photograph is also a topic in the jury course Martin Zurmuehle.

Remo Zehnder speaks of the ease of being on the move with a smartphone. He also gives an introductory course on analogue photography, which is also suitable for young people. Jost von Allmen offers Lightroom courses, including how to handle image data when traveling.

Roberto Carbone Finally, in addition to a Zen Photo Walk, there is a special photo course for children: children discover the world of instant photography (and are allowed to keep the camera at the end!).

By the way: Also for the reportage "From the Amazon to the Aare - How the camera got into the crocodile's mouth and other stories" by Michel Roggo, free reservations are possible from Tuesday, April 11, 20 p.m.


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