Photo Münsingen Award 2024 goes to Austria

This is the second time in its history Photo Münsingen Award according to Austria. The Erste Fotoclub Lustenau impressed the jury with its tableau “The Movement of Music”. Works from Basel and Meyrin follow on podium places two and three.

“The tableau is surprising, technically sophisticated and well done,” is how the jury summarizes the work of the Erste Fotoclub Lustenau on this year’s theme “Music”. The technique in which movement sequences were consciously used supported the image content. “The composition is slightly redundant, but the same distance gives something calming to the 'moving' tableau in which the instruments 'sound',” said the jury, which also liked the warm image tone.

Second place goes to “Purple Fury” from Fotowerk Basel. The jury describes this work as “classic stage photography, solidly implemented and monochrome (purple) designed.” “Plein les Oreilles” is the name of the tableau by Club Activités Photo Meyrin (CAPM) in third place.

The jury for the photography club competition consisted of Gabi Ortner, Guy Jost and Beat Suter. The three state: “Although the topic of “music” offers a very broad spectrum, which was also visible in the submitted works, it is demanding and difficult to present.” Many of the submitted works are of a similar level. Only a few surprised in terms of execution, impact and technical quality.

A total of 50 teams submitted their work on the topic of “music”. All tableaus are on display at Photo Münsingen in the Schlossgutsaal. Visitors can also judge the photography clubs’ works there.

The competition theme for next year is already known: At the Photo Münsingen Award 2025, everything is focused on “passion”.

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