Entries by Niklaus Messer

Photo Münsingen 2021 canceled and postponed

Photo Münsingen from May 13th to 16th, 2021 has to be canceled again due to the pandemic and postponed to the Ascension Days from May 26th to 29th, 2022. The organization team has been planning the Photo Münsingen 2020 since September 2021. Protection concepts were created based on the specifications and coordinated with the authorities, the program was adjusted with everyone involved and [...]

Fotoclub Ebikon: Internal competition bridged the lockdown

The photo club Ebikon bridged the contactless time of Corona with an internal competition. The photo club Ebikon usually meets on the first Saturday of the month, discusses photo topics, goes on excursions and exchanges ideas about technology and image processing. Of course, these meetings were canceled during the Corona period. As a replacement, the photo club has a weekly […]

Reading tip: The online magazine 42mm.ch

Tobias Kühn is responsible for online communication at Photo Münsingen. The specialist journalist also launched his own online magazine on photography. On 42mm.ch he writes about photography and photographers in Switzerland. How have photographers fared in the last few weeks? What is the significance of the new copyright law? What fascinates a nude photographer about her […]

#wirsagenDANKE: pictures of the Corona heroes

The #wirsagenDANKE initiative aims to portray people who have achieved great things in recent months. Co-initiator of the campaign is Mathias Kniepeiss, who would have exhibited at Photo Münsingen 2020. Mathias Kniepeiss is a photographer based in Vienna. At the Photo Münsingen 2020 he would have shown his exhibition "Cave of Drones" of the Drone Champions League. These, like the photo […]

Discover photography with photography-now.com

After the lockdown, the museums and galleries will open again. Time to slowly and deliberately take up physical photo art again. The portal photographie-now.com continuously publishes interesting, spectacular and silent photo exhibitions in museums and galleries worldwide. The Fotomuseum Winterthur is open and accessible again. The exhibition «Women photographers at the front» shows 140 pictures between [...]

Patrick Rohr in an interview from Amsterdam

We have fond memories of Patrick Rohr's exhibition and guided tours on the topic "Japan - Away from cherry blossoms and kimono" at the last Photo Münsingen. Niklaus Messer interviewed Patrick and wanted to know how he was doing, where he was experiencing the lockdown and what projects he was working on. patrickrohr.com

Interview with Rainer Eder

ARTEXTREM is the name of Rainer Eder's exhibition, which was planned in the attic this year. If everything goes well, it will be made up for in a year. In an interview shortly before the driveway, the sports photographer talks about the passion for climbing and the time in lockdown. Rainer Eder was born in Austria and has lived for more than 20 [...]

Thomas Stöckli: Snowboard photographer

While searching for fascinating sports photos for the Photo Münsingen 2020, we came across the photos by Thomas Stöckli. We would have loved to have shown his fantastically dynamic snowboard shots. Unfortunately, it didn't work out for various reasons. Now we have received an email from Thomas. After hectic years combined with a lot of travel, he […]

Photo workshops by Christoph Ris - instructive, inspiring, exciting

Exactly the right start after the lockdown: Christoph Ris, photo workshop leader from the very beginning of Photo Münsingen, starts his inspiring workshops again in small groups. Instead of the canceled Photo Münsingen, Christoph now gives his seminars in small groups suitable for the BAG. So you can benefit even more intensively from the great know-how and interaction. Various topics are on the program. [...]

With the Olympus in Cuba

Niklaus Messer, OC member of Photo Münsingen, got to know the advantages of the handy Olympus Pen in Cuba in 2011. During the weeks of lockdown, he remembers the colorful life in Havana. Plus learn new camera features with Olympus tutorials The Olympus Pen was my first mirrorless camera. I was smiled at in the club, [...]