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Digital photography for beginners

You bought the digital camera and you are overwhelmed by the buttons, switches and functions. What is important? What not? Photo Münsingen offers you an introductory course after which you will get to know the camera better and be able to use the most important functions. After an easy theoretical part, you will apply what you have learned on a tour of Münsingen, [...]

Short seminars «Color management»

How can you achieve consistent and reproducible color across all your input and output devices? In four short seminars at the Photo Münsingen 2016 you will receive the answers from Peter Brechbühl, company imaprint. Using tried and tested teaching materials, you will learn the basics of color-correct work. Be it the camera, scanner, screen or printer; after this introductory course […]

The man with the drone is back

He could already be seen at Photo Münsingen 2015, now Michael Kohler will also be present at Photo Münsingen 2016. He conducts two seminars with his colleague Chris Thomann from DRONE Factory. In it, the participants learn what types of drones there are, where flying is allowed, they learn to fly and at the end of the course […]

Bearded Vulture in the Alps

The animal filmmaker Andreas Kieling came across the bearded vulture on his worldwide search for rare animals. In his ZDF Terra X show "Kielings wilde Welt" (from 27'50'') he shows how one of the largest flying birds in the world is regaining a foothold in the Alps. Exterminated in the last century, around 200 bearded vultures are now […]

The 10 series for the Photo Arena 2016 have been selected

From the 57 works submitted by 37 photographers, the jury selected ten series for the presentation in the Photo Arena 2016. In a first round, the series were reduced by around half by a yes/no decision. The jury then graded each work individually in a second round. After taking into account that each photographer may only exhibit one series and the decision […]