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Lorenz Andreas Fischer


Nature, Wildlife, Landscape, Underwater

Lorenz Andreas Fischer

Lorenz Andreas Fischer is a freelance photographer covering nature, wildlife, landscape, underwater photos, travel, tourism, Africa, Europe and the Alps. His photographs have been recognized at the largest international photography competitions, including Wildlife Photographer of the Year. In 2006 he was named the best nature photographer in Europe. He has been a Nikon ambassador for several years.

In many of his photographs he experiments with extreme lighting conditions. Artificial light and/or flashlight often merge with windshield wipers and blur. For these compositions he defined the term "Nature Photographic Impressionism".

Lorenz Andreas Fischer organizes photo tours and workshops, is the author of picture books and works for newspapers, magazines, mountain sports companies, agencies and NGOs. He realizes multimedia productions together with his partner Judith Burri.

He was born in Lucerne in central Switzerland in 1966 and holds a Masters in Biology and the Professional Certificate for Higher Magisterium. Before his career as a photographer, he worked as an ecologist for government and private agencies and as a high school science teacher.

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