Looking for reinforcement in the organization team

We are looking for reinforcements in the Photo Münsingen organization team in the areas of catering, print and support.

In the field of gastronomy, the tasks include the planning and organization of the entire gastronomic offer at Photo Münsingen. Special gastronomic knowledge is not required, but organizational skills would be helpful. The main task in the area of ​​print is the design of our annual brochure and the competition catalog. In order to be able to further develop Photo Münsingen in a high quality, we are also looking for a reinforcement that we can use, depending on interests and skills, for tasks in the planning and organization of the workshops, the helper missions or the implementation of the photo event.

Interest? You can find more information here ...

The Photo Münsingen brochure is here

Where is which exhibition? When does who have a lecture? All information about Photo Münsingen 2019 is also available this year in the handy brochure. At the end of March, 26 helping hands had already sent around 1 letters and around 100 packages with brochures to interested parties.

The brochure can also be read online and will be available to take away at Photo Münsingen. "Now we are hoping for a large number of visitors and many workshop participants," said OC President Ruedi Mäusli aptly after the mailing.

To the brochure ...

Looking for head of catering department

In the area of ​​gastronomy and events, Photo Münsingen is looking for reinforcements in the OK. The tasks include the planning and organization of the entire catering offer at Photo Münsingen.

This includes the negotiation and coordination with the catering providers, the organization and support of our bistro as well as the planning and preparation of events.

Special gastronomic knowledge is not required, but organizational skills would be helpful.

Are you interested in becoming a volunteer member of the Photo Münsingen organizing committee? Then contact Albert Andrist without obligation. He will be happy to provide further information and information.

Telephone 079 330 28 01 or albert.andrist@photomuensingen.ch

It takes that until a Photo Münsingen is ready

After the Photo Münsingen is before the Photo Münsingen. First, the print and electronic exhibitions are committed and distributed to the rooms and outdoor spaces. With René Groebli we were able to win the old master of Swiss photography for the second time for Photo Münsingen 2017. He will present the “NUDES” exhibition, which has never been seen in Switzerland before.

The heart of Photo Münsingen is again this year Competition among photo clubs. The theme of the current competition is: "A place to stay". This year 57 photo clubs from Germany and abroad are taking part in the competition. The preparations for the exhibition and the judging of the competition are in full swing.

Seminars and Lectures are another mainstay. They enable you to deepen photographic knowledge and skills. This year the diverse offer ranges from wedding photography with Felix Peter to photo reportage by Valérie Chételat.

The audiovisual productions are the third pillar of Photo Münsingen. The Brief reviews by international authors are put together in blocks of 30 minutes.

And how do we finance everything? The 18th edition also does not require entry. We are lucky with longtime sponsors and partners to work that appreciate the uniqueness of Photo Münsingen to come into contact with an interested audience. In addition to Nikon, CEWE and Zumstein Foto, Fujifilm will become the new main sponsor and will present the novelty of one at Photo Münsingen 2017 mirrorless medium format camera GFX 50S with 51,4 megapixels.

Further income comes from seminar fees, participation fees from the photo clubs, catering and donations from visitors.

In the end, Photo Münsingen only works through committed voluntary cooperation between the organizing committee, the departments and the more than 100 helpers.

Niklaus Messer, Sponsoring & PR Department

A very special cake

Many assistants work in the background for the “Photo Café” and make fine cakes and pastries. He has a very special cake Solothurn Photo Club made available. Thank you very much!