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The brochure of Pho­to Münsin­gen 2022 gives an overview of the photo exhibitions, lectures, audiovisual presentations and photo workshops. It also contains exciting photographer interviews and information about sponsors and partners. Continue reading

Review: Photo Münsingen 2019 in the media

“One of the most important photo festivals”, “Meeting point for photo fans” or “Goes beyond the scope of a conventional exhibition”, that's how the media reported on the 20th Photo Münsingen. An excerpt from the report.

Impressions of Photo Münsingen 2019: pictures, videos and social media

Photo Münsingen 2019 is in full swing. First impressions can be found in the picture gallery, video interviews and further impressions on social media.

In the gallery and on Flickr we have photos of the vernissage and first impressions of Photo Münsingen 2019. To the gallery…


We report on the exhibition daily on Facebook. Various exhibitors speak in video interviews about their topics and Photo Münsingen. To the Photo Münsingen Facebook page ...

Photo Münsingen 2018 in the media

An excerpt from the media coverage of Photo Münsingen 2018:



Photo Münsingen 2017 in the media

An excerpt from the media coverage of Photo Münsingen 2017:


Photo Münsingen in the media

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Berner Zeitung, May 6, 2016: Grade 1 is taboo, May 5, 2016: Photo Münsingen Award 2016: These are the winners
The federal government, May 4, 2016: Photo Münsingen 2016, everyday life as a sensation
BERN-OST News, May 4, 2016: Photo Münsingen: Of clouds, bears and energy
Bernese Landbote, April 19, 2016: The drone enriches the art of photography

Bearded Vulture in the Alps

The animal filmmaker Andreas Kieling came across the Bearded Vulture in his worldwide search for rare animals. In its ZDF Terra X program "Kieling's Wild World" (from 27'50 '') he shows how one of the largest airworthy birds in the world regains a foothold in the Alps. Exterminated in the last century, around 200 bearded vultures are now living in the Alps again.

Photo Münsingen is also dedicating a lecture to this majestic bird. For the Swiss nature photographer Hansruedi Weyrich the bearded vulture is one of the favorite motifs. In his Lecture «Return of the Bearded Vulture to the Alps» he talks about the release and the work of the biologists with the animals.