Science captured in pictures

The Swiss National Science Foundation has announced the winners of its competition for scientific images. The competition aims to make the work of researchers working in Switzerland visible.

The first prize in the "Research Object" category was given to a photograph showing the sole of an elephant's foot. The photo taken by Paulin Wendler, a doctoral student at the University of Zurich, convinced the jury with its "unfamiliar sight that forces us to shift down a gear" and the "fine lines that create a strong contrast to the images that we normally see make these huge and heavy, almost archaic mammals, "said a statement from the SNSF.

In the "Men and Women of Science" category, a portrait of Kaan Mika, doctoral candidate at the University of Lausanne, won which "contradicts the current representations of researchers in the laboratory".

Anika König, lecturer at the University of Lucerne, is the winner in the "Places and Tools" category with a recording from her research project on surrogate mothers in Ukraine. "The strength of the image lies in the absence of the object. It shows that the surrogate mothers are invisible in society," the jury explains its decision.

With a short sequence of medical imaging, Peter von Niederhäusern, doctoral student at the University of Basel, stages a Lego brick, which earned him the win in the "Video" category. The jury said the video "confuses and confuses our sense of direction" and "is wonderful evidence that a playful and simple film can contribute to the high level of cutting-edge research."

The jury also honored seven more of the more than 250 works submitted this year. All pictures are on the Flickr channel of the SNSF to see. More information about the competition can be found at SNSF website.

Cover photo: The balls of an Asian elephant - winner of the category: Research object
Paulin Wendler (PhD student at the University of Zurich)

The #PhMvirtuell starts

The physical Photo Münsingen 2020 is cancelled, long live the Photo Münsingen virtual! As a small substitute, we offer the photo competition online «Live and take pictures in times of Corona». In addition, we are now reporting on interesting online seminars on our website, linking to exciting photo projects and sharing our web finds.

We can already say today that we want to show the program of the physical Photo Münsingen planned for the Ascension Days 2020 in one year, namely from May 13th to 16th, 2021. Until then, however, Photo Münsingen will start a digital programme: The Photo Münsingen virtual!

The goal is the same as at Photo Münsingen: to promote joy and exchange about photography and to inspire you to take photos.

Competition "Living and Photography in Times of Corona"

At the Competition «Live and take pictures in times of Corona» we are looking for pictures that are directly related to life during the pandemic. Home office and empty streets, density stress to isolation. What does the Corona crisis mean for us? How does she change life? What creative forces does it awaken?

All interested photographers can take part with a maximum of three pictures. The submitted photos will be in a Flickr group released. In addition, the 20 photos rated best by the jury will be published on the Photo Münsingen website and exhibited at Photo Münsingen 2021. Attractive prizes await the authors of the three winning photos. The closing date for entries is May 31, 2020.

Virtual discoveries

In addition to the competition, Photo Münsingen offers virtual contributions to current photo workshops, tutorials and information on photo exhibitions and photo works. For example, there are the Observations by the OK member Urs Hintermannthe Video cycle “Caught at home” or discoveries from our archive. New contributions will be added regularly.

Photo Münsingen is also open virtually Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Flickr present. Subscribe to our channels, join in the discussion and participate with your own pictures and the hashtag #PhMvirtuell. We include the most exciting articles in our channels. Reading tips and tutorials

At, Paul Merki links reading tips, tutorials and news. The photographer, event organizer and former photo retailer has put together his own website to provide photographers with ideas, inspiration and special offers during the Corona crisis.

Merki is the founder and longtime owner of Light + Byte in Zurich and co-organizer of photo events such as, and Photography has been the basis of his income for over 30 years. After the successful sale of Light + Byte in February 2017, the time has now come to give something back to the community, writes Merki on his platform. "With so much involuntary free time, it makes sense to expand your knowledge and acquire new skills so that you can emerge stronger from the crisis."

Under photographers and photography enthusiasts can find links, tips, how-to guides, webinars and financial aid info for the self-employed. should be an addition to everyday lockdown, because nobody wants to just watch Netflix & Co. all day long.

Christian Bobst and Adrian Moser are winners of the "swiss press award 2020"

As part of the "swiss press awards 2020" win Christian Bobst in the "Foreign category 2020" and Adrian Moser in the "Everyday category 2020».

Both photographers took part in the Photo Muensingen 2019 exhibited on the subject of «press photography», held lectures and carried out guided tours. Photo Münsingen congratulates the winners.

Video contribution "The Gentle Power of Islam" by Christian Bobst:

Video contribution "Lightning tourism in the Bernese Oberland" by Adrian Moser: