Looking for reinforcement in the organization team

We are looking for reinforcements in the organization team of Photo Münsingen in the areas of gastronomy, print and support.

In the area of ​​gastronomy, the tasks include the planning and organization of the entire range of gastronomy at Photo Münsingen. Special gastronomy knowledge is not required, but organizational talent would be helpful. The main task in the print area is the design of our annual brochure and the competition catalogue. In order to be able to further develop the Photo Münsingen in a high quality, we are also looking for reinforcements that we can use for tasks in the planning and organization of the workshops, the helper assignments or the implementation of the photo event, depending on their interests and abilities.

Interest? You can find more information here ...

Looking for head of catering department

In the area of ​​gastronomy and events, Photo Münsingen is looking for reinforcements in the OK. The tasks include the planning and organization of the entire catering offer of Photo Münsingen.

This includes the negotiation and coordination with the catering providers, the organization and support of our bistro as well as the planning and preparation of events.

Special gastronomic knowledge is not required, but organizational skills would be helpful.

Are you interested in being an honorary member of the Photo Münsingen organizing committee? Then contact Albert Andrist without obligation. He is happy to provide further information and information.

Telephone 079 330 28 01 or albert.andrist@photomuensingen.ch

The 10 series for the Photo Arena 2016 have been selected

judging_photo_arena_1The jury selected ten series for presentation in the Photo Arena 2016 selected. In a first round, the series were reduced by around half by a yes/no decision. The jury then graded each work individually in a second round. After taking into account that each photographer is only allowed to exhibit one series and after deciding for 10th place, the final result was clear after three hours. Only now was the jury informed of the names of the winners.

We would like to thank everyone who participated and congratulate those who participated in the Photo Arena 2016 may exhibit.

The members of the jury were: Elisabeth Aemmer and Peter Jaberg from Foto-Klub Belp; Joachim Schaefer, Rudolf Mäusli and Manfred Schär from the Münsingen Photo Club; technical support was provided by Daniel Wälti.