• Exhibition 2016

    Fine art body painting

  • Exhibitors

    Johannes Stötter (IT)

  • Location


  • Guided tour

    Thursday and Sunday, 15.00

Fine art body painting

In his exhibition he presents some of his well-known animal illusions and other body painting works.

Johannes Stötter (IT)

Johannes Stoetter - Portrait Author2_300Johannes Stötter, artist and musician, started painting bodies in 2000. His first bodypainting experiment sparked a passion in him, which became the main content of his life. Since he was never really influenced by other body artists, his style and way of working are considered very individual and differ greatly from those of other body painters.

In 2009 Johannes joined the international body painting community and developed into a professional body painter. Many of his works are influenced by nature and spiritual themes. His art is also used in advertising films, music videos, CD covers, as well as in live performances, workshops, competitions, exhibitions, etc.

His greatest successes so far have been the 2012 world championship and the 2011 and 2014 runner-up world championships, both in the brush / sponge category. In 2013 he aroused the interest of the international media by publishing his animal illusions and became world famous.