• Rank 1 - Solothurn Photo Club

    1st rank_fotoklub_solothurn
  • Rank 2 - Photo Club of the Migros St. Gallen Club School

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  • Rank 3 - Photo Club Biel

    3rd rank_fotoclub_biel
  • Rank 4 - Photo Club Belp

    4th rank_fotoklub_belp
  • Rank 5 - Photo Club Hinterthurgau

    5th rank_photoklub_hinterthurgau
  • Rank 6 - Photo Club Dübendorf

    6th rank_fotoklub_duebendorf
  • Exhibition 2016


  • Exhibitors

    57 photo clubs

  • Place


  • Vernissage

    Wednesday, May 4, 2016, 19.00


was the theme of the big photo club competition for the coveted «Photo Münsingen Award 2016».

The photo clubs were able to give free rein to their creativity in setting topics and implementing them accordingly. Up to five photographers could present a maximum of 5 images (i.e. 1 image per photographer) in a team.

The photos were judged by a professional jury. On the occasion of the vernissage, the winners of the “Energy” competition from 1st to 6th place were announced:

The winners of the Photo Münsingen Club Competition 2016
1st place: Fo­to­klub So­lo­thurn, Energie
2st place: Fo­to­klub der Klub­schu­le Mi­gros St. Gal­len, I han es Zünd­hölz­li azündt
3st place: Fo­to­klub Biel, geis­ti­ge Energie
4st place: Foto-Klub Belp, En­er­gie for fun
5st place: Pho­to­klub Hin­ter­thur­gau, Lebens-Energie
6st place: Fo­to­klub Dü­ben­dorf, Energiebox

The participating photo clubs 2016

The following photo clubs take part in the photo club competition on the subject of "Energy":

AAR­SO Fo­to­klub Zofingen
Ama­teur Fo­to­club Dietikon
BIS Pho­to Section
Fo­to­club Blen­de 8 Bern
Bobst Photoclub
BSW-Fo­to­grup­pe Villingen-Schwenningen
Ca­me­ra Club Brown Boveri
Club Art Wil SG
Club d'Activités Pho­to de Meyrin
EFF­VAS Luzern
EFF­VAS Sek­ti­on Bern
EFFV­CO Ei­sen­bah­ner Foto-Film-Vi­deo-Club Olten
Foto-Cine Club Chiasso
Foto-Klub Belp
Fo­to­ama­teu­re Ten­in­gen e.V.
Fo­to­club Basel
Fo­to­club Ba­sel KV / EFFVAS
Fo­to­club Birrfeld
Fo­to­club Blen­de 79 Zürich
Fo­to­club Dreis­amt­al Kirchzarten
Fo­to­club Ebikon
Fo­to­club Huttwil
Fo­to­club Luzern
Fo­to­club Münsingen
Fo­to­club Rapperswil-Jona
Fo­to­club Romanshorn
Fo­to­club schnappschuss
Fo­to­club Schwyz
Fo­to­club Spektral
Fo­to­club St. Gallen
Fo­to­club Thun
Fo­to­freun­de Freiburg
Fo­to­freun­de Schopfheim
Fo­to­grup­pe Sek­ti­on Bern SAC
Fo­to­klub Biel
Fo­to­klub der Klub­schu­le Mi­gros St. Gallen
Fo­to­klub Dübendorf
Fo­to­klub Lyss
Fo­to­klub Reinach
Fo­to­klub Sense
Fo­to­klub Solothurn
Fo­to­klub Schaffhausen
Fo­to­treff Grenzfall
Fo­to­ver­ein Sempach
IBM Fo­to­club
Pho­to Club Lausanne
pho­to-team 66 Münchenstein
Pho­to­club Fribourg
Pho­to­club Mittelrheintal
Pho­to­club Mou­tier et Environs
Pho­to­gra­phi­sche Ge­sell­schaft Bern
Pho­to­gra­phi­sche Ge­sell­schaft Winterthur
Pho­to­klub Hinterthurgau
So­cié­té Ge­ne­voi­se de Photographie
Team im Visier