• Exhibition 2016

    The vanishing Beijing hutong (alleys)

  • Exhibitors

    Mr. Jia Yong (CN)

  • Location


  • Guided tour

    Thursday and Sunday, 12.30

The vanishing Beijing hutong (alleys)

消失 的 北京 胡同

In 1984 Mr. Jia Yong started photographing the life in a Hutong in Beijing. So far he has organized the 5thth photo competition “Charming Dashanlan” capturing the change in a Hutong since 2010.

He also organized the 6thth “Love Beijing International Photo exhibition” so far.

2015 his solo exhibition “Beijing Hutong” was shown at the Beijing International Photography Week in the Long Shadow Gallery.

Mr. Jia Yong (CN)

Mr. Jia Yong - Portrait Author_300Jia Yong, born in June 1963 in Beijing, loves fine arts, sports and photography ever since his childhood. He joined the weightlifting team under the Beijing Municipal Sports-work Brigade in 1979, and retired in 1984. Then, he moved to Beijing Cloisonné Factory of the Beijing Arts and Crafts Corporation. In 1987, he started his private business of 11 photography studio.

贾勇,1963年6月生于北京,自幼喜欢美术、体育、摄影。1979年调入北京市体育工作大 队举重队,1984年退役,调入北京市工艺美术品总公司北京景泰蓝厂,1987年下海自办经营影楼图片社11家。