• Audio-Vision 2017

    Various authors, competition pictures PHO­TO­SUIS­SE

  • Location

    Kirch­ge­mein­de­haus Room U2

  • meeting

    During the opening times every full and half hour

PHO­TO­SUIS­SE - Short and sweet

PHO­TO­SUIS­SE is the umbrella organization for people interested in photography from all over Switzerland. There are currently 55 photo clubs and around 150 individual members.

All members are provided with newsletters and on the homepage www.photosuisse.ch about the activities of the association PHO­TO­SUIS­SE informed. The published photos and articles of the members encourage creative photography. It also provides members with extensive information about cultural activities in the Swiss photo scene.

PHO­TO­SUIS­SE organizes annual national competitions, in color and black and white. Successful participation in the competition is a well-deserved reward for dedicated photographers. Every member of PHO­TO­SUIS­SE receives a photo book with all the best, award-winning and accepted pictures.

The award-winning and best works from the 2016 national competition are presented to the public in an impressive picture show at the annual Photo Münsingen.

The Derek Slattery Nature Trophy has been held every two years since 2006. The initiator and donor of the challenge award is our deceased honorary member Derek Slattery. This competition is based on the FIAP definition of nature photography.

There is also an annual PHOTOSUISSE Cup. Members from all over Switzerland get to know each other on an entertaining weekend and can make contact with photo friends from all over Switzerland.

Members of PHOTOSUISSE automatically become members of the international association FIAP (Fédération internationale de l'art photographique), to which 90 countries are affiliated. The exchange of ideas about photography with interested people from all regions of Switzerland, but also from other countries and cultures, inspires friendships and overcomes borders.

With their contribution, the members of PHOTOSUISSE support the promotion of photography in Switzerland.