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    Dr. Heiko Beyer (DE)

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    Friday, May 11, 2018, 19.00 - 21.00

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From Rio to the Amazon

Multivision with live commentary

“Everything is vehement, the sun, the light, the colors. The blue of the sky thunders stronger here, the green is deep and full, the earth dense and red, no painter can find more glowing, dazzling, shimmering colors on his palette… ”, so Stefan Zweig wrote in 1941 about Brazil.

His words still apply today. Hot nights, samba rhythms, dreamy beaches, the roaring waterfalls of Iguaçu, the mighty river system of the green hell of the Amazon - everyone thinks of that immediately.

Less well-known are the huge grasslands of the south, where the gaúchos drive their huge herds to pasture, or Brasilia, the ultra-modern capital from the retort. And who has heard of the unknown plateaus and table mountains in the hinterland with their mighty waterfalls and crystal clear lakes?

Brazil is home to special characters and fates:

There is the sloth Heidi, who as a German hermit has been living all alone with her sloths in the inaccessible Amazon jungle for 20 years. Or Don Carlos, who as an emerald seeker, as a Brazilian outlaw, illegally pierces entire mountain ranges with his friends in the inaccessible hinterland.

In August, when the sun is hottest in the west, the watering holes in the Pantanal fill with life and become an oasis for colorful parrots, caimans and many rare animals.

In February, however, the colors of the Carnival in Rio de Janeiro shine, and in the middle of the parade of the samba schools, the rhythm of South America pulsates between the dancers!

Dr. Heiko Beyer in the largest country in South America, always close to the people and their culture. Fascinating photographs, accompanied by original noises and rousing live commentary, paint a well-founded and varied picture of this dreamy and yet so mysterious country on the Amazon!

The speaker: Dr. Heiko Beyer

Heiko Beyer has been a photojournalist, producer and speaker for more than twenty-five years and lives in Erlangen, Franconia.

The microelectronics engineer with a doctorate consciously left the normal development career in order to devote himself entirely to his passion for photography and presentation.

Today he is one of the most successful travel photographers and lecturers. Numerous and elaborate trips off the beaten track form the basis of his multivisions, which, in addition to brilliant photography and gripping 4k film recordings, are characterized by their dramaturgy, specially composed music and the sensitive and humorous narrative style.

He has been a member of the Society for Image and Lecture (GBV) since 2006.

In addition, Heiko Beyer produces audiovisual projects for industry and well-known speakers. Among others, the Schaeffler Group, Michael Martin and GEO are among his customers. With his vivid way of imparting knowledge, he is a welcome guest at trade fairs and specialist conferences. After all, he and two colleagues organize the renowned Fernweh Festival in Erlangen, which, with its many multivisions, seminars and workshops, is one of the largest in the German-speaking world.

Dr. Heiko Beyer