• Exhibition 2018

    Daniel Rohr and Bruno Kneubühler, light art

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  • Guided tour

    Sat and Sun at 11.00 p.m.

Light art

The pictures shown here were taken directly in the camera. A LICHTKUNST photo usually only emerges as an idea in the head. This is followed by implementation with the construction of a suitable tool.

Different figures such as circles, spheres, UFOs etc. are created using different light sources such as flashlights, light strips, pipes, fireworks etc.
Then the implementation processes are rehearsed in order to create the complete image during an exposure. Exposure times of up to 15 minutes can result for the finished image.

The photos on display are not Photoshop compositions, but rather a single long exposure.

Daniel Rohr and Bruno Kneubühler

We two photographers live in Messen (SO) and are, so to speak, neighbors. Our common fascination is LICHTKUNST photography. This technique is also called light painting.