• Exhibition 2018

    Janine Machiedo (DE), Surreality

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  • Guided tour

    Sat and Sun at 12.30 p.m.


The SURREALITY exhibition is intended to invite the viewer to open new doors, to illuminate the interior in order to recognize a world in which everything is possible.

She tells and invents stories with her pictures. She transforms personal experiences into inspirations that become tangible in her pictures, creates surreal and bizarre worlds, creates moments that would never have happened, in which characters merge with emotions.

The obvious reality is not enough for them. It visualizes nothing less than the subconscious. In order to make complex ideas visible, she uses the tool of digital image processing, in which she works on up to 60 levels per image, until the visible image corresponds to what she imagined. Post-processing is very time-consuming and, depending on the complexity of the concept, can take from a few hours to several days.

Most of the time, Janine Machiedo is the object and subject of your art herself, giving you insights into her feelings and emotions. As a result, she developed her own style in the genre of self-portraits. Wonderfully anachronistic, comfortably contemporary.

Janine Machiedo (DE)

Fine Art Photographer. Lives and works in Rheinhausen (near Freiburg) in southern Germany. Your work is intuitive, personal, inquiring and honest.

"I love the surreal, the bizarre, the dreamy and the fairy-tale. I want to bring magic and color into everyday life, which all too often seems too gray and dreary. My intention: to show the everyday in a non-everyday way and to make inner states visible Some of my pictures serve as a reminder not to forget your dreams, to follow them and to give them a proper place in the middle of everyday life. "