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    Hanspeter Lang, mushrooms

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For me, mushrooms are small natural wonders and great macro motifs. 2017 was a very good year of mushrooms and I didn't have to look very long for my motives. Near my place of residence there is a mushroom area with a lot of old wood that comes from the storm Lothar.

The difficulty with mushroom photography is accessibility and light. With flashlights and reflectors I support the natural light and set accents. By stacking I achieve a large depth of field and a beautiful bokeh.

Hanspeter Lang

Resides in Hausen AG, President of the "Camera Club Brown Boveri".

Photography is my passion and relaxation from everyday life. It appeals to me to design my pictures with light and the appropriate photo technology and to achieve the optimum through rework.

I like to experiment but my main interests are nature and travel photography. One focus is macro photography, which can also be done right outside the front door. With my macro shots I try to make things visible that you would otherwise not notice.

More pictures on my website: www.photography-lang.com