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From the same mould

Everywhere in the Basel region you can find dome and manhole covers from this foundry, which has been around since 1840. It was the market leader in the mass production of structural and sewer castings. Unfortunately, it was no longer able to withstand the pressure and falling prices from abroad and had to stop production in September 2017. I was lucky enough to be able to document the last casting processes and the workers in this dying industry with this exciting series of images.

Monika Hufschmid

I'm an enthusiastic amateur photographer from the Basel region and I'm passionate about traveling and meeting new people. I not only photograph the wonderful landscapes, but also capture the life of the different cultures. I also love exploring Switzerland with my camera and looking behind the scenes. This is how the report about the Erzenberg foundry in Liestal came about.

My website: monikahufschmid.ch