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  • Lecture 2018

    Beat Mumenthaler, The way to your own style

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    Friday, May 11, 2018, 11.00

The way to your own style

(Beat Mumenthaler's path as inspiration for personal development)

Tens of billions of new images are created, shared and shown every day. The flood of images overwhelms us, dulls us - to stand out is becoming increasingly difficult.

In his presentation, Beat Mumenthaler talks about his personal journey in the search for the outstanding image and gives input on personal development in photography.

Beat Mumenthaler

«I'm interested in the essence of a person, their true face. I want to hold onto this. In all its shades, with all its light. "

Beat Mumenthaler is a Swiss portrait photographer who has achieved international fame with his expressive images. From the Federal Councilor to the mountain farmer, from Arnold Schwarzenegger to Avo Uvezian, from the last Holocaust survivor to the refugee child from Syria: the personalities that Beat Mumenthaler portrays are undisguised, open, genuine.

The photographer creates authentic portraits through his sensitivity and his ability to build up a trusting closeness to the other person. Character pictures that give the impression of being able to look deeper into life. They always show respect, love for people and their individual beauty, truth and charisma. Beat Mumenthaler captures this essence – formally without frills, often in black and white, reduced to the essentials.

In 2017, Beat Mumenthaler gave the Swiss government a convincing face with the official picture of the Federal Council. At "photo17" he showed touching portraits of Syrian refugees in Lebanon. His work for the touring exhibition "The Last Swiss Holocaust Survivors" received international awards, as did his work "Chihuahua".

Beat Mumenthaler works in the fields of portraiture, advertising and art and presents his work in exhibitions, books, lectures and workshops. His works have received several national and international awards.