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  • Lecture 2018

    Ueli Bühler, Fascination Iceland

  • Place

    Al­ters­zen­trum Schlossgut

  • Time

    Thursday, May 10, 2018, 16.00

Fascination Iceland

In 2008, Ueli Bühler and his wife toured the island of Iceland for a month. Based on the experiences made, the project against the retirement hole arose in 2012: Travel to Iceland with your own car.

At the end of May 2013 the time had come, the old Toyota bus - converted into a minimalist camper myself - ready to go, the tickets for the car train to Hamburg and the ferry to Iceland in the sack.

The following three months in Iceland were characterized by one of the most fascinating and extraordinary landscapes on earth and plenty of time to get involved.

A varied 40-minute AV show was created from the images brought home.

Ueli Bühler

Who am I?

Pensioner, husband, father, grandfather, amateur photographer, archer, hobbyist, traveler.

What are my photographic preferences?

I photograph what I encounter, what comes my way, what triggers emotions in me.