• Exhibition 2019

    Patrick Rohr, Japan - Away from cherry blossoms and kimono

  • Location

    Schloss, Ground floor in front

  • Guided tour

    Thursday, 15.00

Japan - away from cherry blossoms and kimono

As a photojournalist, Patrick Rohr has traveled to completely different countries around the world in recent years: Ukraine, Laos, Nepal, Uganda, Bosnia, Ethiopia, Bangladesh. A country definitely never stood on top of it bucket list: Japan. The country seemed too strange, too inaccessible, too incomprehensible to him. Two years ago he finally allowed himself to be persuaded to take a (private) trip to the land of the rising sun - and didn't want to go home. Everything that had stopped him before suddenly attracted him. Hardly in Switzerland, he went back to Japan - this time with the camera and the notepad. Fascinated and irritated by the contrasts of the island kingdom, he went in search of a Japan that would not be accessible as a tourist. He came back with very personal pictures and stories that he shows and tells at Photo Münsingen.

Patrick Rohr

Patrick Rohr worked until 2007 as an editor and presenter for various programs on Swiss television (including Schweiz aktuell, Arena, Quer). He then went into business for himself with a communications company and trained as a documentary and portrait photographer at the Amsterdam Photo Academy. Today he travels the world as a photo journalist for NGOs such as Helvetas, Doctors Without Borders and Biovision. In addition, he creates freelance works such as the photo report book “Japan - Abseits von Kirschblüten und Kimono” (TELE / Edition Observer). He exhibits pictures from it at Photo Münsingen.

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