Photo exhibition 2020

Werner Richner (DE)

Magic moments


Blu­men­haus, Room 1 and 2

Guided tour

Thursday and Sunday at 13.30 p.m.

In German language

Magic moments

In search of the magical moment that should deepen the harmony in people, nature and culture.

There are atmospheric, dramatic moments in European and Saarland landscapes full of beauty and elegance that I want to show in the exhibition. The light shapes the landscape and gives it - often only for a brief moment - a special face. No fair weather photography. Through the power of nature, the emotional effect of the scenes should be directed directly to the viewer, because in our environment full of noise and hectic we should occasionally take time to pause and try to slow down this high pace a little. I would like my pictures to help.

Werner Richner (DE)

The intensity begins when time becomes unimportant. In this sense, my pictures should be perceived timelessly - detached from the zeitgeist and the authenticity of an era.

Werner Richner, photographer, publicist, travel journalist
lives in Saarlouis, works at home and abroad

  • Studied economics at Saarland University in Saarbrücken
  • Rock musician from 1965 to 1975
  • Freelance photographer, publicist and travel journalist since 1984
  • Publications with more than 200 domestic and foreign publishers, magazines, editorial offices
  • More than 70 large-format illustrated books on nature, regions, countries, culture and architecture
  • numerous reports for international magazines
  • numerous calendars at home and abroad for book trade and industry
  • 154 of his German-language works are listed in the catalog of the German National Library
  • numerous works in private and institutional collections and in public spaces

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