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Harry Lieber (DE)

Fine Art Ar­chi­tek­tur Fotografie



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Fine Art Ar­chi­tek­tur Fotografie

Spiral staircases in particular are his motif for his staircase pictures in the STAIR PORTRAITS series. To recognize the perspectives with the most extraordinary aesthetics and appearance, it takes a lot of experience, precise work and an accurate feeling for the balance in the picture. The high symbolic character of stairs gives the viewer a lot of leeway for their own interpretations.

In his MENSCH ARCHITEKTUR series, the person integrated into the picture takes on the role of livening up the picture on the one hand, and on the other hand the person gives the viewer an orientation about the size relationships - these are often surprising. In addition, the presence of a person increases the tension in the picture. You can easily try it out yourself by imagining photography without a person.

Harry Lieber (DE)

Harry Lieber is a fine art architecture photographer and lives in the border triangle between Germany, Switzerland and France. His photographs have received great attention and resonance at exhibitions and art fairs and he has received several awards. Harry Lieber has dedicated himself to fine art architecture photography for over ten years. He uses photography to reveal the mostly invisible aesthetics and the hidden, geometric shapes and elements of modern architecture. Thereby he finds surprising and extraordinary perspectives of these buildings or parts of them. And last but not least, Harry Lieber uses the existing colors of the architecture when composing the picture - sometimes this also includes elements that are present on site that do not belong to the architecture. His pictures mostly appear graphical and sometimes also abstract. Picture viewers often ask themselves: "What am I seeing there?"

Harry Lieber says: “My different photographic approaches and concepts constantly challenge my creative power and creativity. It's always exciting for me to see the results that bring. I don't even know where this exciting journey will take me. "

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