Photo exhibition 2022

Brigitte Aeberhard
Poetry of blurring


Schloss­stras­se 5

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Poetry of blurring

Poetry is a form of art that uses the expressive possibilities of language with imagination. For me, language takes the place of blurred photography, achieved with consciously executed camera movements.

If we look at a blurred photograph, our own imagination can fill in the gaps that the image withholds from us. The bottom line is what happens in our head. In this way, emotions and moments can motivate us to pause and let us experience our own stories.

Brigitte Aeberhard

Lives near Solothurn.

For a few years I have been intensively involved with photography. I attended several courses on various photographic topics (School for Design Bern, European Art Academy Trier, Leica Academy Wetzlar, Academy for Contemporary Art Gaienhofen).

On the way with the camera, I constantly come across motifs - at first glance often very everyday moments - whose appeal only becomes apparent through the processing. I like to use textures that open up completely new artistic possibilities, somewhere between photography and painting.

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