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Csaba Balási (RO)
Winter story



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Winter story

The presented sequence of pictures takes the viewer to the snow-covered winter landscapes. The spectator sets off from the details and reaches the tallest peaks through the snowy tourist pathways. The stroking light created such compositions by touching the white surfaces, which puts even the imagination of the viewer to trial. The creator takes the viewer to poetic landscapes created by light, snowy surfaces and storm. This is nothing else than a marvelous hike from the detail to the whole, while we can admire the wonderful world of nature created by snow and storm.

One thing is for sure: for Csaba Balási in order to show us in such an artistic way these magnificent winter faces of nature, he had to be on-site at the different mountain spots. There, where the snow, cold and frost are the lords, there, where the raw and untamed currents of our Earth create those lights and shapes, those parallel or crossing lines, which are selected by the sensitive eyes of the photographer out of the snow -white world and unfolds it for us almost like a fresco. And in this endless winter desert suddenly the Man appears in order to beat a path for himself, in order to signal with his footsteps that for him nothing is impossible and unknown doesn't exist. In the squeeze of the gigantic mountains and the vast natural forces the fragile human existence can make miracles. The photos of Csaba Balási are, therefore, not only delightful landscapes, but true symbols, metaphors and allegories: they do not only make the viewer realize, independently from his language, country, continent, in a concise way that he is surrounded by unmatched beauty, but also that the man can coexist with the nature under any kind of circumstances. With the treasure that he has to defend, value and which he must not lose. The photos of Csaba Balási speak about the Earth, our Earth, in such a way that their radiative message does not leave anyone untouched, even though the photos were made at different mountains and different altitudes. This is a uniqueness of real art and real creation, thus a well-structured and consistent photo-series that can be the highlight of an exhibition in any city of the world.

Ferenc Székedi, art critic, Ambassador of the The European Commission's CreArt Project

Csaba Balási (RO)

Csaba Balási lives in Miercurea Ciux, Romania and has been a well-known photographer in Romania and abroad for many years. Over 2000 of his photographs have been shown in exhibitions on five continents.

His photographic passions include landscape and nature photography, travel photography as well as portrait and nude photography.

In the exhibition "Winter Story" he shows his impressive landscape pictures, with which he was awarded the honorary title Maître FIAP (MFIAP) by the Fédération Internationale de l'Art Photographique in 2016.

In addition to working as an active photographer, Csaba Balási is involved in the Association of Photo Artists from Romania as Vice President, in the International Association of Hungarian Photo Artists, at FIAP as Directeur du Service Carte de Photographe FIAP and as a founding member of the Harghita Photo Club. He has also been a member of the Association of Photo Artists in Germany since 2006.

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