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The Alpinists
Seek the path of wonders


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Seek the path of wonders

Be it on the other side of the globe or just around the corner on the next hill. The beauty of nature has no limits. We are always looking for something special to capture the untouched beauty of nature and to reflect our emotions in fascinating pictures.

The Alpinists

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The Alpinists is a collective of ten friends who are passionate about photography, travel and adventure. The Switzerland-based group has grown steadily in recent years and what once started as a group of friends who love to go hiking has grown into the largest Swiss outdoor photography community. All in all, we are talking about a reach of one million people. One of her projects that stands out the most is the hiking book “Lost in the Alps”.

The idea is to be an inspiration to all young people: to show them what they're missing out on sitting at home. But also draw attention to today's environmental problems and the consequences of our actions. To showcase and preserve the beauty of our region. To share our knowledge with people who yearn to start photography.

Everyone in the collective interprets photography in their own way. From classic landscape shots to portraits, lifestyle and adventure, we can offer a wide variety. We all value high quality content and are motivated to make every project the best we have ever done.

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