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Audio Vision 2023

Michel Rogo
From the Amazon to the Aare




Friday, May 19, 2023, 19.00 - 21.00
In German language


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From the Amazon to the Aare

How the camera got into the crocodile's mouth and other stories.

River dolphins, bears and crocodiles, sunken rainforests and abysmal caves, icy glacial lakes and overgrown tropical rivers: Michel Roggo had all this and much more in front of his camera for seven years for the Freshwater Project, in forty bodies of water on all continents and in breathtakingly beautiful natural landscapes. Making of clips provide insights into the work of a photographer in exotic locations under difficult conditions.

After this project, Michel Roggo turned to the aquatic habitats of Switzerland. For example the Sense with its barbs, the Verzasca gneiss gorges, the mysterious Giessen landscape near Münsingen, enchanted karst springs, horrific peat bogs or meltwater lakes of rapidly disappearing glaciers.

The latest pictures come from renatured water bodies. These pictures of unexpected beauty show that humans can also have a positive effect on bodies of water.

Michel Rogo

portrait michel roggo

Michel Roggo only started taking photographs at the age of thirty. He quickly specialized in the area of ​​water, such as the salmon rivers of North America or the flooded rainforests of the Amazon.

With the experience of over a hundred expeditions, Michel Roggo started the ambitious Freshwater Project. This was completed in 2017 after seven years and forty bodies of water photographed.

Michel Roggo is internationally recognized as a specialist in freshwater photography. He has shown his work in over forty solo exhibitions worldwide and has won awards in competitions such as Wildlife Photographer of the Year. 23 of his pictures have been published worldwide. He is a Senior Fellow of the iLCP International League of Conservation Photographers.


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