• photo exhibition Marielsa niels

Photo exhibition 2023

Marielsa Niels (FR)
Dans l'antre du soi


Kirch­ge­mein­de­haus, Room U1

Guided tour

Thursday, May 18, 2023, 16.00
Saturday, May 20, 2023, 13.30

In French and German

Dans l'antre du soi

In the Cave of the Self questions stereotypes and norms surrounding the terms female, male and the binary that can result from them.

I settled on the idea of ​​a fictional narrative where a single character poses throughout the series without ever revealing her gender. In this fiction he/she/it struggles between societal norms and his innermost being. The entire narrative focuses on shedding light on this character's struggle and the various states that result from which they emerge.

I have opted for a sculptural treatment of the body, at the same time full of life, but also after and yet as if in a standstill, seeking its truths on a path that alternates between possibility and enclosure. It is indeed a character, a body that is suffocating and trying to free itself. The recurring red veil is like a formal dress that represents "the norm".

This project aims to challenge our acceptance of the concepts of female-male. in particular by playing with stereotypes of postures, muscles, with visual effects that could tempt us to categorize.

References to the codes of classical painting and sculpture are used to emphasize the timelessness of these issues.

Marielsa Niels (FR)

Marielsa niels portrait

Marielsa Niels has been a photo author since 2007 and is based in Clermont-Ferrand, France.
She is represented by Galerie Vrais Rêves. Her work is distributed by Hans Lucas Studio.
The individual is the cornerstone of Marielsa Niels' work: whether it's humorously questioning the straitjackets, inconsistencies or stereotypes this social animal encounters, or the mechanisms of the intimate, complex and intrinsic phenomena involved in the construction of a each of us are involved.
The author is given a free hand in interpreting themes presented (e.g. "Europe at home" commissioned by Clermont 2028, commissioned by the Association des Bibliothécaires de France-Auvergne against the poncifs of her profession).
Her work has been presented at the Encontros de Imagem festivals and in partnership with the Center Photographique L'Hôtel Fontfreyde, Nicéophore +, in screenings during the Nuits de l'année and then by Réponse Photo and Fotofever in Arles, solo exhibition at the Vrais Rêves gallery , in the Salford Museum (…).

Anne Eleanor Gagnon

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