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Photo exhibition 2023

Thomas Biasotto
landscapes at night



Guided tour

Thursday, May 18, 2023, 13.30
Thursday, May 18, 2023, 15.30
In German language

landscapes at night

Real photographs of real landscapes in daylight are combined on the computer with an equally real starry sky, photographed at a different time from exactly the same location - this results in an incredibly surreal atmosphere, which is referred to as "Hyper Real Landscape" or "Dreamscape". Of course I invest a lot of time in the right moment, so that the super-real comes across really dramatically in the finished picture!

Thomas Biasotto

thomas biasotto portrait

Thomas Biasotto was born on October 15, 1981 in St.Gallen. He grew up in Bischofszell. Today the artist lives with his family in Weggis on Lake Lucerne. His fascination with music first developed in his youth. He studied at the Zurich University of Music, majoring in trumpet and minoring in piano and composition. In 2006 he obtained his master's degree.

Photography has accompanied Thomas Biasotto since his youth, but initially it was overshadowed by music. When he completed his second degree as a primary school teacher in 2016, he was already able to earn his living with his passion for photography. Today, Thomas Biasotto, a member of the Swiss professional photographers' association SBF, is a sought-after photographer and can count a wide variety of well-known international companies and art collectors among his customer base.

His high-quality and artistically high-quality fine art prints are known far beyond national borders. On the platform he created, www.gridon.ch, the photographer offers various workshops and photo trips around the world.
From November 24, 2022, Thomas will run the DRUCKSAAL in the middle of the village of Appenzell. In cooperation with HI-Schweiz AG and Solo Kaffee GmbH, he creates a 360 m² gallery where art, design and craftsmanship are combined, shown and practiced. Photography is his soul, music his language and the mountains his home.


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