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Lecture 2023

Christian Burkhardt
Welcome to the Bookfactory universe


Kirch­ge­mein­de­haus, Room U2


Thursday, 15.00 to 16.00
In German language

Welcome to the Bookfactory universe

The CEO of Bookfactory, Christian Burkhardt, first introduces you to the various products, types of binding and materials from the Bookfactory range. He then guides you through the three order editors: design software, online editor and mobile app. The channels are presented, advantages and disadvantages explained and best practice presented.

Christian Burkhardt will then be available to answer any further questions you may have, including about PDF-to-Book.

Christian Burkhardt

photo münsingen - lectures - Christian Burkhardt

Christian Burkhardt leads the Bubu AG, to which the Swiss photo book portal Bookfactory belongs, in the third generation as owner and co-CEO. In this function, he shares with you his passion and joy for photography and its implementation in valuable haptic communication, which is what Bubu / Bookfactory specializes in.

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