• Lecture by Julia Hager

Lecture 2023

Julia Hager
Visible, invisible, everywhere - our blue planet and the plastic flood




Thursday, 16.30
In German language

Visible, invisible, everywhere - our blue planet and the plastic flood

Unfortunately, the most remote regions of the planet are also clearly visible evidence of our excessive consumption of plastic and often irresponsible use of it.

As a marine biologist, her professional focus is on global plastic pollution, whose devastating effects on animals and nature she first encountered during her two-year stay in Oregon, USA, starting in 2009. Since then she has been actively working against pollution in the oceans and on land. Her microplastics project in Myanmar in 2015 finally inspired her to pass on her findings and since then she has been sensitizing schoolchildren and adults to this global problem in lectures, workshops and projects, visually reinforced by her photographs that document the plastic flood and its consequences.


Julia Hager

Julia Hager portrait

Julia Hager is a marine biologist and caught the 'Polar Bug' during her studies when she took part in a 2006-week expedition to the Antarctic with the research icebreaker "RV Polarstern" in 10.

Since then she has had a great fascination for the polar regions, which she has been passing on since 2016 as a scientific tour guide on expeditions to Spitsbergen, Greenland, the Canadian Arctic and Antarctica as well as the Galápagos Islands.

She loves to photograph these huge (ice) landscapes, the details hidden in them and the unique animal world.

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