• lecture monika christofori-chadka

Lecture 2023

Monika Christofori-Khadka
Water and worlds - International cooperation of the Swiss Red Cross




Friday, 11.00
In German language

Water and worlds - International cooperation of the Swiss Red Cross

What we take for granted from the taps is pure luxury in many countries. Water is scarce, water is polluted, water must not be wasted and water is only for drinking, is the premise in many countries of the Global South.

A trip around the world in pictures takes you to the project countries of the Swiss Red Cross and the work of the local partner organizations for better water supply, toilet construction and hygiene. Get ready for unusual perspectives and insights that will make you think and smile.

Monika Christofori-Khadka

Monika Christofori-Chadka portrait

• Studied public health and health economics

• Long-term assignments abroad in Nepal and Bangladesh as a health professional

• Active in the Red Cross movement since 2000

• Since 2006 at the Swiss Red Cross in various functions, supporting various SRC projects as a specialist health advisor, with a focus on Asia and Europe

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