• Lecture at the Bern and Biel School of Design

Lecture 2023

School of Design Bern and Biel
Panel event “Professional Photography Training”




Saturday, 16.30
In German language

Panel event “Professional Photography Training”

  • In today's age of "YouTube Tutorials" and Co., is photographic training at a school still relevant?
  • Live image review

What is the structure of the training at HF ​​Photography? What are the goals, what content is relevant and how is it communicated? At the beginning of the event, Guy Jost, Head of Photography at the School of Design in Bern and Biel, comments on these questions and opens the discussion on the topic: Is there a lot of "YouTube tutorials and Co." a photographic training at a school at all
The range of online courses on the Internet is constantly increasing. The difference between high-quality and superficial offers is difficult to tell. What are the advantages of a three-year, structured training compared to online self-study in front of your own computer?
Students from the HF photography class (4th semester) at the Bern and Biel School of Design and lecturers will take part in the panel discussion. Guy Jost will conduct the interview. After the talk, you can follow a live photo discussion between lecturers and students. Questions are asked about the content and concept of the photographs shown, the photographic implementation is discussed and the architecture, composition and technology of the image are examined. Afterwards we look forward to the direct exchange between the audience, students and lecturers.

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