• Lecture by Urs Wohlwend

Lecture 2023

Urs Wohlwend
ICM photography




Sunday, 11.00
In German language

ICM photography

What is ICM photography (Iintentional CAmerica Mimprovement)? How are photos taken with a moving camera? What should be considered when choosing a motif? What else needs to be done in post-processing? Based on his experiences and numerous examples, the speaker gives an insight into impressionistic photography.

Urs Wohlwend

urs Wohlwend portrait

look - see - create is my credo as an amateur photographer. A camera almost always accompanies me on my mountain tours, hikes and trips all over the world - long before I became a member of the Münsingen Photo Club. Recently, however, photography has gained in importance. For me, the camera is becoming more and more a means of conscious viewing. Perceiving motifs and designing them photographically, that's what inspires me. In particular, photography with a moving camera has recently opened up an exciting field of creative image design for me.

See also www.urswohlwend.ch

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