• Karl Schuler photo exhibition

Lecture 2024

Karl Schuler
Photographing snow leopards


Small hall in Al­ters­zen­trum Schlossgut


Thursday, May 9, 2024, around 14.30 (after the tour, duration around 30 minutes)
Sunday, May 12, 2024, around 15.00 (after the tour, duration around 30 minutes)

In German language

Photographing snow leopards

Karl Schuler talks about the challenges of his snow leopard photo expeditions in remote mountain valleys in Nepal and India: the preparation, the team, the equipment, the unforeseeable, the effort, surprising encounters and highlights.

Karl Schuler

portrait karl schuler

Karl Schuler is a qualified forestry engineer. Until his retirement, he worked for Swiss development cooperation in various countries in Africa, South America, the Caribbean and Asia. He has advocated for the protection and sustainable use of natural resources such as forests, land, pastures and water by the local population.

In addition to his work, he was intensively involved in photography. He is particularly interested in topics such as people in their element, traditional cultures, wild landscapes and special animals.

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