• Lecture by Markus Eichenberger

Lecture 2024

Markus Eichenberger
Amazing Moments – The Making of




Saturday, May 11, 2024, 16.30

In German language

Amazing Moments – The Making of

Since 2011, Markus Eichenberger has spent several months every year in the Swiss Alps to capture the beauty of the mountains day and night. The short film series “Amazing Moments” is a summary of 12 years of time-lapse work around the Aletsch Jungfrau region, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

This lecture includes short stories about the making of and also the technical aspects of how the films were created. What are the technical requirements for making short films in the mountains? What the challenges of the environments/landscapes. How do I choose the music for the film and what do I pay attention to? What is the connection between the music and the moving image? What influence does music have on us and how can we showcase it in a targeted manner? What is my approach to producing time-lapse films?

Markus Eichenberger

Portrait Markus Eichenberger

Markus is an award-winning Swiss photographer and filmmaker who has a passion for travel. He is particularly interested in capturing the beauty of our planet in pictures. In the last 20 years, Markus has traveled to more than 80 countries. Among other things, he spent 3 years in Beijing, where he created a photo documentation of all 31 stadiums of the 2008 Olympic Games on behalf of the photo agency GettyImages. The images were published in Sports Illustrated magazine and distributed through GettyImages.

Since 2011 he has dedicated himself to the Swiss Alps, where he photographs and captures the atmosphere of the mountains on film over several months every year. The time-lapse short films “Mystic Jungfraujoch” and “Chasing Stars” have been shown at over 50 international film festivals from Auckland to Los Angeles and have won several awards for “Best Cinematography Short Film”. His work on night photography has been published several times in the magazine Schweizer Illustrierte In 2016, Markus was invited to present his work as a keynote speaker in front of 500 guests at the DigitalEvent.

Markus founded the Chasing Stars Workshops in 2016 and has so far introduced star photography to over 1 participants. He is also a tour guide for photography trips to Svalbard, Northern Norway and Spain.

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