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Lecture 2024

Ralf Turtschi
Design perfect photo books




Sunday, May 12, 2024, 11.00 - 12.00

In German language

Design perfect photo books

Unique photos should be presented in a photo book. Basic structure, design rules, some typography and many practical examples of beautiful photo books.

Ralf Turtschi

ralf turtschi portraitRalf Turtschi has a well-founded professional career behind him in the graphic creative industry. He worked as a typographer, graphic designer, photographer and is the founder and owner of the agency Tschi, visual communication. He has made an international name for himself as a publicist and author of various non-fiction books. Ralf Turtschi has already designed and produced over 100 photo books for various suppliers. In 2022 he wrote the works «Fotobuch für dich» and «Fotobuchbuch», which he sells via his web shop or in bookstores.

Contact: www.fotografie-fuer-dich.ch or turtschi.medienwerkstatt-ag.ch.

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