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Preview Photo Münsingen 2016 – What awaits you


National and international photographers exhibit their works in the Schlossgut area in Münsingen. Among other things, there are:

... and of course numerous other photographers.

The Photo club competition «Photo Münsingen Award"Is the theme of" energy "this year. 57 photo clubs from Germany and nearby countries take part.

Audio-vision (AV)

Perfect compositions from images, text, music and animation - immerse yourself completely in visual worlds with AV productions. Among them, for example, the German photographer Berndt Fischer with his multivision “The Green Roof of Europe, Forest Worlds between East and West”. More…

Photo arena

The digital picture presentation in the Photo-Arena allows you to view photo compositions in a short time. Find out more about the 10 picture series of 3 minutes each this year. More…


An integral part of the Photo Münsingen are also the numerous gripping lectures. For example, by Hansruedi Weyrich, The Return of the Bearded Vulture to the Alps. More…


Photo Münsingen is also an active training platform. With the diverse range of seminars, we are again offering you a wide range of current further training courses during this year's Photo Münsingen.
Advance sales for the seminars will start on March 29, 2016. You can find more information here.

Bearded Vulture in the Alps

The animal filmmaker Andreas Kieling came across the bearded vulture on his worldwide search for rare animals. In its ZDF Terra X program "Kieling's wild world" (from 27'50 '') he shows how one of the largest airworthy birds in the world regains a foothold in the Alps. Exterminated in the last century, around 200 bearded vultures are now living in the Alps again.

Photo Münsingen also devotes a lecture to this majestic bird. For the Swiss nature photographer Hans Ruedi Weyrich the bearded vulture is one of the favorite motifs. In his Lecture «Return of the Bearded Vulture to the Alps» he talks about the release and the work of the biologists with the animals.

Photo Münsingen Award: Competition for photo clubs

At the center of Photo Münsingen is the Photo club competition «Photo Münsingen Award» on «Energy».

Since the first Photo Münsingen implementation in 2000, the club exhibitions in the Schlossgutsaal have been unmistakably characterized by the competition presentations in black removable frames on perforated panel partitions. A completely new design concept was presented at Photo Münsingen 2015. This will be used again in 2016. For the competition, the participating photo clubs have 50 templates to choose from for the optimal presentation of their works.

Be curious to see which club will win the coveted "Photo Münsingen Award 2016".

By the way: as a visitor to Photo Münsingen, you can choose your own favorite photos from the photo club work! You can win attractive prizes.

The 10 series for the Photo Arena 2016 have been selected

judging_photo_arena_1The jury selected ten series for presentation in the Photo Arena 2016 selected. In a first round, the series were reduced by around half by a yes/no decision. The jury then graded each work individually in a second round. After taking into account that each photographer is only allowed to exhibit one series and after deciding for 10th place, the final result was clear after three hours. Only now was the jury informed of the names of the winners.

We would like to thank everyone who participated and congratulate those who participated in the Photo Arena 2016 may exhibit.

The members of the jury were: Elisabeth Aemmer and Peter Jaberg from Foto-Klub Belp; Joachim Schaefer, Rudolf Mäusli and Manfred Schär from the Münsingen Photo Club; technical support was provided by Daniel Wälti.