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Exciting discussions, over 4000 visitors

The 19th Photo Münsingen moved 4220 visitors to Münsingen over the Ascension Days. The exhibition and lectures on America by Henna and Arthur Honegger were well attended and one of the highlights. The Instagram theme with 9 photographers from Switzerland provided inspiration for new media. The pictures by Janine Machiedo and Susanne Jung are surreal. And the exciting report "In the Nest of the Crocodiles" by Florian Spring also attracted a lot of attention.

The Photo Münsingen Award for the best club work on the topic "Move" went to the Camera Klub Brown Boveri Baden, ahead of the Fotoclub Sense and the Fotofreunde Oberaargau. The exhibitions stimulated discussions and the exchange of experiences. Photo Münsingen was once again a meeting point and source of inspiration for people from all over Switzerland who were interested in photography. Next year, from May 30th to June 2nd, 2019, Photo Münsingen will take place for the 20th time.

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Photo Münsingen 2018 in the media

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Camera Club Brown Boveri wins the club competition

The "Photo Münsingen Award 2018" goes to the CCBB Camera Club Brown Boveri. The photo club from Baden won over the jury in the "Move" competition with its work "Damm".

62 photo clubs took part in the competition with their tableaux consisting of a maximum of five images. "The jury wasn't easy, but we were quite in agreement about the top places," said Lorenz Andreas Fischer at the vernissage. He, Susanna Brändli and Beat Mumenthaler judged the submitted pictures. The three experts evaluated the implementation of the "Move" competition theme in the areas of theme/effect, composition and technique.

The photo club Sense, the Fotofreunde Oberaargau, the Club d'activités photo de Meyrin, the Société Genevoise de Photographie and the photo club Rapperswil-Jona ranked second to sixth.

All 62 works are exhibited in the Schlossgutsaal during Photo Münsingen. Visitors can now also judge the pictures there and win nice prizes: the winners will be drawn from all the submitted competition coupons on Sunday, May 13th. You can win a Nikon and a Fuji camera, a photo tripod from Zumstein and photo book vouchers from CEWE.

Countries, people, Instagram: The highlights of Photo Münsingen 2018

The construction of the exhibitions is in full swing, in two days the Photo Münsingen will open its doors. A highlight of this 19th edition is the exhibition "Oh, Amiland!" by Henna and Arthur Honegger. During his time as America correspondent, the 10vor10 presenter photographed “America with a difference” together with his wife Henna.

Other photographers also talk about countries and people at Photo Münsingen 2018. In the project "Alps" Lorenz Andreas Fischer explores alpine landscapes through the ages. Florian Spring shows in his exhibition "In the nest of the crocodiles" a report about an indigenous tribe in Papua New Guinea. Beat Mumenthaler grants insights into the souls of personalities in "Close to your soul". Ueli Bühler from Rubigen shows in "Fascination Iceland" grandiose landscapes.

One focus is the new Instagram photo medium. Nine successful Instagram photographers from Switzerland present pictures on various topics on the Schlossweg. Tobias Meyer alias @cosmokoala and the @ helvetic-collectiv invite you to Meet & Greet to the Spycher youth center. With a Panel discussion and a seminar on Instagram.

In the photo club competition, 62 teams are presenting their work on the topic this year "Move" out. There are surreal worlds in the exhibitions of Janine Machiedo (D) and Susanne Jung to discover. Daniel Rohr and Bruno Kneubühler create fascinating lighting strips, flashlights and fireworks "Light art".

This variety of exhibitions is complemented by numerous audio visions. A highlight here is Multivision "Brazil" from Dr. Heiko Beyer on Friday evening. In addition to around 25 seminars, Photo Münsingen also offers free lectures by exhibiting photographers and the photo experts of the sponsors. Visit for example 'The way to your own style' with Beat Mumenthaler, that public photo shoot with Christoph Ris or the lecture 'Oh Amiland!' by Henna and Arthur Honegger.

Opening times, directions and the brochure for Photo Münsingen 2018 can be found here here…

Photo club competition judged

62 tableaus with a maximum of five images – that is how many works the jurors Lorenz Andreas Fischer, Susanna Brändli and Beat Mumenthaler (on the image from left to right) had to judge. Now the winning tableau of the photo club competition has been determined. The winners of the coveted "Photo Münsingen Award 2018" will be announced at the vernissage on May 9th. All 62 works on the subject of "Move" will then be exhibited in the Schlossgutsaal during Photo Münsingen.

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Une belle surprise aux amis photographes francophones

"Photo Münsingen" est incontestable of the plus grandes manifestations photographique de Suisse. Des photographes Suisses et internationaux y presented leurs oeuvres. De nombreux stages et des projections audiovisuelles enrichissent the programs de cette rencontre photo située à proximité de Berne. The edition 2018, qui aura lieu du 10 au 13 may, reserve a beautiful surprise aux amis photographes francophones: plusieurs événements seront presented en français.

Jeudi, 13pm: Visit guidée de l'exposition "Archi-Ligne" by Philippe Simon. Lieu: castle

Samedi, 09h00 - 12h00: Conference "OPENEYE et la photographie d'aujourd'hui" by Philippe Litzler. Lieu: Retirement center

Samedi, 13:00 p.m. – 19:00 p.m.: Seminar “Cadrage et composition de l'image” by Philippe Litzler. Lieu: Retirement Center (Inscription nécessaire!)

Tous les jours, 16pm - 30pm: audiovisual projections in français. Lieu: Füürwehrsaal

Seminars 2018: Advance sales begin

Photo Münsingen also offers a wide range of seminars in the 2018 edition. On the Ascension weekend from May 10th to 13th, there are again many further training opportunities to choose from with topics related to photography. Advance sales start on Tuesday, April 3, 2018 at 20 p.m. Here we present some highlights.

With the trained photographer Maike Jarsetz, a proven expert in the fields of Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom is coming to Münsingen to lead three seminars: Im Lightroom practice training get fit in the picture organization and clarify all questions that are about the catalog principle. One focus is on the workflow while traveling. In the seminar Lightroom image development develop your most beautiful motifs to perfection. In the Photoshop Key Techniques course, you use the typical Photoshop tasks that arise after the image has been developed. The day brings you up to date with the latest correction techniques.
On the one hand, Jost von Allmen gives an overview of available ones digital medium format systems and on the other hand goes into the methodical procedure to achieve perfect recordings. The practical workshop with Bruno Kneubühler is about the basic techniques of Light painting photography to learn (second course on Saturday).
With Christoph Ris (Portrait and fashion photography) it goes to a helicopter base. Combining this location with fashion and portrait photography promises unique images. The aim of the workshop is that the participants recognize the lighting and choose the correct position of the model accordingly. Motifs that are worth photographing can be found everywhere. Learn at Photo walk in Münsingen get to know interesting motifs in our environment with Martin Zurmühle and then go on a photo stalk.

Photo Münsingen 2018: What awaits you

Photo Münsingen 2018 is taking shape: the program is set, the brochure is in print, preparations are underway. A first overview of the highlights.

Henna and Arthur Honegger, Oh, Amiland!
A picture of the USA that only locals normally know.

Beat Mumenthaler, CLOSE TO YOUR SOUL
Portraits that give the impression of being able to look deeper into a life.

Lorenz Andreas Fischer, Alps
Melting glaciers, thawing mountain lakes, foggy landscapes or the onset of winter.

Janine Machiedo (D), SURREALITY
Surreal-bizarre worlds in moments that never happened.

Florian Spring, In the nest of the crocodiles
Report from the village of Kandinge in Papua New Guinea.

62 photo clubs from Germany and abroad
Club competition and exhibition on 'Move'.

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Audio-vision, lectures, photo arena
Brazil - From Rio to the Amazon
Multivision with live commentary from Dr. Heiko Beyer (reservation required).

Panel discussion Instagram
Boris Baldinger speaks to Instagram photographers about the new medium.

Photo Arena 2018
Andrist to Zimmermann: 10 exhibitors show their pictures in the circular screen arena.

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The series for the Photo Arena have been selected

37 photo series from around 20 photographers were received for the Photo Arena 2018. A five-person jury selected ten series from these.

In a first round, the jury rated each series individually. Based on the points added up and taking into account that each photographer is only allowed to present one series, she then selected the exhibitors in a second round.

The jurors were (from left to right in the picture) Chris Richner, Elisabeth Aemmer, Rudolf Mäusli, Daniel Brändli and Tobias Kühn. Daniel Wälti took care of the technical preparation and processing.

The selected photo series will be presented as part of Photo Münsingen 2018 in the Photo Arena from May 10th to 13th.

Photo club competition Photo Münsingen Award 2018

"MOVE" is the theme of the photo club competition for next year's Photo Münsingen in 2018.
“MOVE” means, among other things, moving, moving, moving, running, transporting, driving, touching, giving way, but also taking steps, actions, gambles and much more.
The photo clubs will receive detailed information about the 2018 competition and the registration process at the end of May 2017. Interested photo clubs who have not received any documents by then can contact Rudolf Mäusli, President of the OK Photo Münsingen .